Perak Cave (Perak Tong)

Founded in 1926 by a Buddhist priest, Perak Tong temple complex extends back into an impressive complex of caverns and grottoes with amazing murals on the interior walls, including some interesting juxtapositions of Theravada Buddhas from Southeast Asia and Chinese Buddhas and Buddhist saints.

Beyond the main altar, there is a passage which leads into the cave’s interior. One will definitely be fascinated with the mystical mural paintings found on the cave’s walls as well as the numerous statues. Be prepared to bring a tripod into the temple for pictures as the interiors are often very dark and only lighted by candles. Visitors can access the narrow staircase that leads to the upper part of the temple and the monks quareters. After a steep climb of 385 steps, the cave opens again to reveal a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside and a small garden and pavilion.

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Perak Cave 4.644589, 101.099067

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