Ipoh Railway Station

The Ipoh Railway Station was built in the height of the tin mining industry. Back then, the State of Perak used to be the centre of tin mining activities, supplying to over 40% of the world’s tin market. The construction of this railway station began in 1914, but was interrupted due to a shortage of materials and high costs of labour during World War I. It was eventually completed in 1917. It was designed by the government architect, Arthur Benison Hubback (who also designed Kuala Lumpur Railway Station), with classical elements harnessed to the British “Raj” style, surmounted by Moorish domes and turrets. The station has three platforms, commodious offices for railway staff, and a restaurant and bar.

The building is surrounded by a beautiful floral garden which serves as a charming welcome for tourists. It also houses the Station Hotel called Majestic Hotel. As the historians have it, Perak actually pioneered train travel in Malaysia (the country was called Malaya back then). The first line’s were laid by the British to satisfy the transportation demands of the tin mining industry. Due to it’s charm and design, the building was chosen to be one of the locations for the shooting of the Hollywood remake of “Anna and the King” staring Jodie Foster.

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Railway Station 4.597188, 101.073527

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